Mystery Of God

What is GOD?
Is he a person? Is he a place? Is he a object? Is he a work/profession?
Is he a verb? Is he a noun? Is he an adjective? Is he an adverb?
To many of you , these questions may seem pointless and clueless but to many , it may spark a thought , which requires rigorous research and thinking.
So to start this analysing process….Oh! before I tell you I am among the latter one’s. ‘THE THINKERS’
So as my duty of the citizen of 21st century, I asked my master. ‘GOOGLE’
Google god and it gives you this:
‘GOD: Any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force.’
Well, this definition gave me , to some extent , an insight of god, but is it true or false. Apparently, just god knows it (:p).
We humans are considered to be the most intellectual and evolved creature among all life forms on earth. We have the quality to reason things, to change them and to re-define them, similar to the PLAY ,PAUSE and RESET buttons. But since our existence for centuries have we figure it out that What is God? Have we? Do you think? Umm… I doubt.
To be honest I don’t really know myself, but yes I know one thing for sure i.e. instead of searching for the answers to the above question we HUMANS rather have recklessly defined him according to our convenience. We have divided ourselves according to our culture, location ,place, colour , work and facilitate this process of dividing, by a tag ‘RELIGION’ which eventually has also divided GOD or rather say created him..?
Yes it is so. It feels like we have created god and not vice versa. Humans beings have lately become so obsessed with themselves that they unknowingly are creating new gods every other day and have forgotten the real fact.
Who is RAMA ? Who is KRISHNA? Who is JESUS ? Who is Allah? Who is Gurunanak? Who is GOD?
Well if I would have written an English dictionary , i would have defined all of them to be synonyms of god..but question still remains the same i.e. What is GOD? Who actually is GOD? Where does he live?
We have originated varied forms of worship. Idol- Worship , non-idol worship, worships involving sacrifice etc.. i.e. we have designed different ways/paths/roads to head towards a destination which is still unknown. Don’t you find it absolutely foolish (or some may find it scary as well) to take path without actually being aware of the end point.
What if there is no end? What if the path is just an infinite ,endless trail with thousands of miles and thousands of travellers but no certain end? What if it’s a cycle which is taking us nowhere but just making us traverse through it, unknowingly for countless number of times? What if there exist a dead end…a point of uncertainty and doubt which will compel us to restart the journey which actually never started.
It’s quite ironical that in all other aspect of our lives we seek to pursue result and the final consequences of the journey i.e. more into accordance with utilitarian principles of life but to this fact of god I know not why can’t we see this? Is it so that, we have been blindfolded to such an extent that even after knowing this paradox (or mystery of GOD) , we deny to perceive it in real world or are we ignoring these questions which we are answerable to or are we so taken away by old traditions and customs that we can’t see the facts or is it the fear of questioning i.e. the fear of making GOD accountable for our doings and searching his accounts (i.e. , basically to search our reality ,the very source of our existence.)
Is it so? Or not?
Unfortunately I myself am yet to find these answers….
Would like to join me on this journey ?
PS: For joining the journey, from wherever you are , with whomsoever you are, all you have to do is to take a moment and become Self aware and self conscious. Take out the time to rethink.. A little time for deep introspection. Look into you. The answer is hidden somewhere inside you itself. Let’s together search it out. 

Happy journey ! See you there!
Good Bye!

By: Jeetendra Ajmera




3 thoughts on “Mystery Of God

  1. it actually makes you question the reality that we have been abiding by for so many decades without any definite answers. i have asked my elders so many times as to why am i to follow a certain religion because i was born in it. and how do we have millions of gods when we have no certain definition of how they came into being. we worship so many of these deities when we harm people who belong to some other religion because of petyy difference. do we have a scientific research that shows that these mythologies that we live by today ever existed.
    i am glad you wrote this buddy. we gotta start somewhere now, don’t we?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed! Yes we should take a stand and questions these customs and traditions because of which people are fighting since always.
      As they say ” Religion is the peel of banana and the fruit within is the spirituality”.
      But you see, there are certain things which even science can’t predict.. it’s more of a divine experience, an amalgamation of spiritualism and human psychology.
      So I wrote this , as you said, to create a spark , to make you think and question, a insight into this mystery, the first step towards it’s solution.


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