The Lonely Wanderer


Note : Reader is advised to go through  the ‘MYSTERY OF GOD’, before reading this content.


…and as I intended to resolve the mystery and to know the truth behind , I began my journey. A journey whose destination was not known, a journey which started nowhere, with no particular path, all alone , but with a faith within, a faith which made me courageous enough to commence the odyssey  which was supposed to enlighten me and elucidate all my queries and doubts( …hopefully )

It was during mid-June and the world smelled of a peculiar redolence , with sunshine appearing as of powdered gold , withholding it’s tyrannous attitude over the world, the path also provided no respite, appeared as of a  infinite long trail surrounded by a rare calmness, the one as we find in our dreams…amongst this ,far stood a boy.

“He”.  Yes He is the protagonist of our story. Barely I could watch him, the only little evidence being an impression, the darkest shadow under the brightest sky. And then something weird happen , I felt a force which attracted me towards him and then for a moment …. all world was drowning under a certain peacefulness, an unusual silence prevailed for a minute…and there appeared this child, which seemed to be of around 16, shabbily dressed with hairs looking no good then a bird’s nest and clothes with which one could easily predict the work, he does. He was undoubtedly, a rag picker…but there was something which was unique about him. Though one could easily  predict his job and the family he must have  belong to, but the mystery was in his attitude and the mystique  which he carried with him. His eyes squalled of  a dream, a dream which gives him a power and hope to survive and assured him of love and harmony…his eyes had a dazzling brilliance, the one as we could see in a kaleidoscope or the one which is seen during midday sunshine. This man boast of a simplified mystery residing within himself which makes him a matter of suspicion and  today has made him the protagonist of our journey….

So after a moment, I gained my consciousness and  asked him..

I:”Where are you from?”

He: “That doesn’t matter, rather what matters is, Where am I going..(with a grin)”

(amazed by his answer, I asked him again)

I:”Bu err..I mean, where is your home?..Like Where do you live?”

He: “This world is my home and I am here to serve my purpose..(again with a smile reflecting a peculiar calmness)”

(silence for a while…)

I:”But what are you doing here then?”

He:”as I said , I am here to serve my purpose. I am a garbage cleaner and am here to  clean paths/roads, thus make way for others to move.”

I:”Okay..! But how will you do it all alone? ..Like there is so  much of will you manage?”

He:” ( He laughs ) I don’t have to do it all ,but  just my part ,the rest will be done.”

I:”Done by whom?”

He:”I am not alone in this field. This world has many others like me..the world boasts of thousands of ragpickers  who are there to do there assigned  work. We all just have to do our part, not more ,not less, the rest is taken care by our master.”

I:”Who is your master?”

He:”The one who employed me. The one who gives me direction , the one whom I admire, the one to whom I pray, the one my hearts long for…the one you referred to as ‘GOD’

(..and there was a sudden excitement…I was awestruck by his answer, unable to understand I ask him ..)

I:”err….What? ( shockingly )..Sorry? Come again? You are employed by god.. I mean ‘THE CREATOR, GOD’?

He:”Yes! Certainly we all are.. but it saddened me that lately these days the people have forgotten this and have become so involved in the  Virtual belongings of this so called Real World.

I:”But that’s a intangible persona… I asked ,about your real-time master ..The one for which you collect this the one who gives you money and food in return ?”

He: “ Ohh..Money! That is given by his(god) agent,  Mr. Vidata(..the one who gives) is his name, ..which daily ,give us the food, shelter and this bag(garbage bag).He also works for him(god), serving his purpose…”

I:”But then…umm..Why you chose ragpicking and nothing else?”

He:”..(again laughs ) if I wouldn’t have been here, then there would have been someone else to enlighten you…My purpose is served, now please allow me to take your leave ,as  I have to go before dark and show him my today’s work for which I’ll get paid..”

I:”But wait… listen! I don’t know what to say, but yeah Keep this..(I gave him a ten rupee note)”

He:” ( smiled gratefully )..Profession ,not Purpose ,needs to be paid..But anyways Thank you! May GOD Bless you! “

(with this ,he went away ,far away , far away ,far away..

and eventually this figure of wisdom fades in this clear world)

……….( a long pause)

Mom:”Son! It’s already quarter to 8, Wake up! You certainly going to  miss your class…Buckle up ! Hurry! Wake up for god sake !”

I:” What ??err…I was ..Ohh..( realised that was a dream ..)Okay! Okay! Coming Mom, Coming.. “

So , was it all dream? Was it all virtual? Was this all just a mere amalgamation of my thoughts ?


Was it a part of journey, which is yet to be started ? Was it a hint ?  , Was it taking me anywhere (i.e did that make any sense?) ..umm I  myself am yet to find out. But yeah , ostensibly ,the latter one’s has more chances..i.e. may be it was all part of the journey..because as they say …

“And ,when you want something ,all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

So may be the whole dream was his(god’s) conspiracy …May be! May be!

So let’s find out! Want to join me? Come let’s solve this riddle together ?

PS: For joining, all you need to do is take out a moment, a moment  of consciousness and let your soul synchronise with that of the world. Let us expand our horizon and go beyond, beyond of usual , beyond of regular, beyond the mundane. Let’s explore ! Let’s research, because who knows what’s in there? J    

Thank you!

By: Jeetendra Ajmera







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