PINK CITY’s 10 not-so-common temptations


1: Gyan Vihar Dairy(  G.V.D)


Located just a few streets down the World Trade Park, this cafe or as the say ‘GVD’, boasts of for its sparkling caramel rich creamy coffee, and it’s mouth-watering, mayonnaise-rich,  Cheese Pattie. Started years back, this shop was just a small dairy, in front of Gyan Vihar School, and was termed as GYAN VIHAR DAIRY.(G.V.D.)

All in all, if you wanna hang out with your buddies, spending hours, talking, gossiping, then this is the place for you.


2: Jaldhara


An amalgamation of nature, wild trees, and water, Jaipur Development Authority in quest  to aware residents about water harvesting, has made this beautiful spot called ‘JALDHARA’. Located near the Smirti van, JLN Marg, the place has immense features to display. In the middle stand still a 40 feet tall, half a  km long water fountain with recyclable water, provide you with exotic feels of the serene beauty of nature. Surrounded by hills, rich in flora, the place also hosts several artificial statutes of dolphins, wild animals which comprehend the beauty further.

To encapsulate, Jaldhara is a great initiative of JDA, in the urge to make PINK CITY, environment-friendly. The place can be a huge respite especially during the scorching heat in Mid June.

Details and Schedule:

Timings: All days of the week 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Visiting Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Entry Fee :. Rs 10 per head (Weekdays), and Rs. 20 per head( Weekends)


3: Pandit Pav Bhaji

You Foodie? Then this place shall not be amiss. Pandit Pav Bhaji (s), located on JLN, Marg, opposite to Birla Mandir, is an all time favourite of Japiurites.  Dolloped with butter, freshly made, stone-minted Garlic chutney, and a lot more,  making this stuff so luscious and appealing, that even dieticians give it a shot. But the bigger problem here will be able to locate the store, as the whole street opposite to Birla Mandir is full of Pav Bhaji Vendors with almost similar names. So to find the original one all you need to do is to taste all of them and then review us back. The one you liked the most, can be termed as  Original Pandit Pav Bhaji (:P)



4: Dolls Museum


Well, Pink City or say City of Palaces, this cultural city hosts an amazing museum which has a wide range of attractive dolls. Located near Albert Hall, this museum was built back in 1974, reflects various culture and traditions of the city through these colourful dolls which will let you throw back your childhood memories. Along with the Indian state dolls, there are a few alluring puppets that belong to different nations as well. A few stunning dolls one’s are seen in attires resembling the national dress of different countries, bridal wear, dancing costumes and other glamorous apparels. This museum preserves numerous beautiful dolls and puppets which are extremely beautiful and visiting this magnificent Doll Museum will surely be a delightful experience for every traveller.

Details and Schedule:

Timings:  09:00 AM TO 05:00 PM( All days)

Entry Fees: Rs. 150 per head

Visit Duration:1-2 hours



5: Shooting Range (OASES JDA)

Like James Bond? This is a place for all Rifle Lovers who at times imagine themselves as 007, saving the nation. Well, we cannot really promise about your nation goals, but can certainly provide you with a  feel of the same.  Located in Jagatpura, the place boasts of hosting several regional/ national /international shooting competitions. Apart from that, the academy also provides formal training in different shooting fields and weaponry including 10 metre Air Pistol and Rifle.

For further information, you may visit Jaipur Shooting Range


6: Annu Mobile PAAN Bhandar

Ever thought of a PAAN restaurant?. Well, if not then here’s a surprise for you. The (IN)famous Annu Mobile PAAN bhandar, is an exclusive shop of PAAN’s with over 100 different varieties. Located in Mansarovar, the Annu PAAN has its several other branches in the city. Its products such as ICE-PAAN and FIRE-PAAN has got him grab fame across the country. Several celebrities/ Actors/Politicians have visited this shop and has praised the owner for such a unique idea. The shop has further gained popularity by catering in some big budgets wedding and parties including Saif-Kareena Wedding Ceremony. The owner Annu Daswani has even further goals to achieve by expanding his shop into a full-fledged PAAN Restaurant. With a website, a Facebook page, Twitter Handle, Youtube Channel , Annu has been really working hard to innovate his vision.

A 3-D glance at the shop: Click on the link.


7:Chandlai Lake

Everybody likes birds but there are a few people who love them. If you’re one of those few, Chandlai Lake is one spot you must visit.Situated on the outskirts of the city,(Nearly 30km away from Walled City), on Tonk Road, place is a major attraction for bird lovers. With hosting home for over 20 migratory birds including Pied Avochet, Pallas’s Gul, Rudy Shelduck, Eurasian Wigeon, Purple Moorhen among others.  The best time to visit the Lake can be during the migratory season in the ideal month of December.


8: Central Park

  Located in the heart of Jaipur City ,near Rambagh Circle, this lush green garden has a 5km long joggers track. Park also hosts the Jaipur’s most prestigious clubs such as Rambagh Polo Ground and Rambagh Golf Club. Other attractions of this park include the tallest tricolour in India( Mast length : 206 feet) and a temple, which is very popular among the natives of Jaipur. Soaked with evergreen trees, plants and herbs, this park is the best way to bring solace to the mind after a monotonous schedule. Open 24 hours, the park is a favourite destination for several lensmen  with no restriction over photography.



As suggested by the name, the LASSIWALA is famous for it’s appetizing  Lassi all across the city. When asked by one of the tourist, “Although you can find lassi shops in almost every corner, bazaar in Jaipur but the Lassi @ Lassiwala on MI road is to die for … No wonder there is always a queue outside the shop and people from every walk of life enjoy the amazing Lassi to beat the heat of city.”

The Lassiwala has been in the city, since 1944, and has been able to maintain the same taste since then. With no modern machinery , the shop is recognised to have a knack in Lassi Making through the old traditional ways. We would personally recommend to our readers to try this once.


10: Abhaneri –The City of Brightness

Fascinated about step wells! Then you must visit this place which is famous for one of the largest and deepest step wells in India-the Chand baori. Situated around 95 km away from Jaipur City,  on NH11/Jpr-Agra Road , in Dausa District .  Believed to be built in late 11th century by then Gurjar  pratihar king Samrat Mihir Bhoji. The place is an excellent epitome of water conservation ,  fortified on all sides and have 3500 narrow steps over 13 stories. Residents of the area claimed, that one cannot come and go back from the same set(path ) of stairs, and is bound to get confused. At present the city is in ruins and is again been developed by JDA, but still manage to attract many tourist from all across the globe.


Thank you!

By: Jeetendra Ajmera




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