Ghar Ka Khana


You know what’s the most delicious food out there? Well, you bet, it’s none other than ‘Ghar Ka Khana’.

Made with the delicacies of our beloved mother, catalyzed by the ambiance and aura of our home, ‘Ghar ka Khana’, is indeed the best. Remember those unconventional-uncommon unique dishes your mom used to cook? We can’t find them anywhere, but at HOME. Well, I cannot provide you with those, because as I said it’s unique and exclusive (or say COPYRIGHT of each mom: P) but can definitely give you a slight glimpse.

Come let’s cherish our ‘GHAR KA KHANA’ together.

1:Roti ka Choora


The left  over ‘Chappatis’ being mashed , with all those scrumptious spices bestowed together  and heated along with a bit of mustard oil, makes this dish an ever-appetizing and mouth-watering one. Although the recipe may vary from house to house and mother to mother, but this platter can make every man wanderlust through distances to taste it.


2: Meethe Chawal


Sweet lover? Then this should not be a miss. ‘Meethe  Chawal’,( or say the fragrant sweet yellow saffron rice), is made by cooking partially soaked( with water) rice( the cooked ones), and saffron milk  along with crunchy and crispy dry nuts such as green cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and saffron, spruced up by a handful amount of GHEE making it a heavenly treat for all sweet lovers out there.

The Dish is common during some religious festival in North Indians such  as Basant Panchami and Diwali.





Not to be mistaken for Choorma, PANJARI has its own charm and charisma. Made from whole-wheat flour fried in sugar and ghee, heavily laced with dried fruits and herbal gums, PANJARI is quite a famous sweet in India and Pakistan and  is believed to be quite ritualistic and useful for a nursing woman.

Panjari comes with one more benefit, that it can be saved and kept for weeks at room temperature making it all the more robust and prosperous.


4: Mangori/Papad



‘Papad-Mangodi’ is a traditional Rajasthani Cuisine  originating from the Shekawati Regions of Sikar in Rajasthan.

Curry made from fresh buttermilk has a lovely earthy flavour. Moong dal nuggets or mangodis are added to the buttermilk curry as it cooks and roasted papads/poppadums are added at the end. A tempering of asafoetida and mustard seeds completes this very Rajasthani delight, very apt for a winter afternoon and is indeed a treat for any gourmet.


5: Halwa


Halwa/Seera, whatever you may call it, the dish will be an all-time favourite. Made by boiling wheat flour along with GHEE heated in a Karhai, until the colour turns Golden. A frequently make-up dish, quite popular in North India, is believed to provide a huge respite in cold and cough during winters. The dish is further beautified and laced with tons of dry nuts such as Cashew, Raisins, Almonds among others, making it all the more nutritious   and flavoursome.



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