In between…

This post is inspired from the extract in the book by Akif Kichloo titled, “The feeling may remain”.

As the title suggest, what I wonder and as Akif says in his book, Page 18, that why we always go for the extreme sides of the story. Why we always gaze at the stars, don’t we realise that stars have always been the centre of attention.

Why do we not embrace that distance “in between”, that tranquillity that led us to stars because what I believe is that to find your stars,  you need to go through the voyage of silence and lonely and who knows may be that turns out to be more beautiful than stars.

Who knows, what might be in there; as since centuries we always talk about crossing the tunnel, but we forget that dark void of unknown, which is left; and who knows what that journey has to offer?

There’s this quote that says, “Journey is the destination” and may be it is, because we actually can never reach the absolute destination, as suggested by Einstein in his work of ‘Relativity’, one might never be aware of absoluteness and this relativity could be personified as this journey untold. Let’s for some time, not see the stars, let’s for a while do not look at the other side of the tunnel, rather let’s be into that silence, that unknown time travel of shades and calmness. Let’s look into that scary passage which is often ignored or remains untold. Let’s change the perspective, because after all, “It’s all just a matter of Perspective. Right? ”

PS: …here’s the extract from the book, “..Let us ignore the stars tonight and gaze at the immense nothingness in between for what sparkles is always the centre of attention of the world and what doesn’t –often sits quiet and alone.

And quiet will always tell you more, just like lonely will always love you more


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