“Lust or Love, I know less,
but what I know is,
I want her anyhow,
be it day or night,
be it low or high,
be it zero or infinite,
she surrounds my world,
the world of wanting,
the world of craving,
this world; once known to both,
has me as his only companion now,
wondering and dreaming,
to the times; times when I wonder where she might be, or
how she might be,
I know not why? but it does happen,
she gazes in and out,
I blow myself with or without,
I know things don’t go always as they ought to be,
For maybe we weren’t meant to be, or maybe
we were.

But I promise whatever it takes,
I shall do, and
I shall do it with all the dignity.”


Image Courtsey: Nitin Chaudhary 

Art Work by:  Nitin Chaudhary

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